Download The Latest Acoustic Tracks from The Music Jar
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Our extensive collection of royalty free acoustic music, covers everything from soft, tender and emotive tracks, through to upbeat and quirky band tracks. Whether you're looking for solo piano or guitar music for your film project, we've got it all. 

Acoustic does not just mean guitars at The Music Jar and we have embraced instruments in their most honest and immediate forms to bring you music with real feeling. Hearing instruments played by our world class musicians will evoke a wide range of emotions and will add a sense of ‘realness’ to your programme or video. Any instrument you can think of is here in our tracks, bringing acoustic styles from across the globe.

You can hear every part of the performance in our acoustic tracks; the pick hitting a guitar string, a bow running along a cello string and the hammer hitting the strings of a grand piano. This immediacy is unmatched and can add such a strong sense of authenticity to your project, engaging your audience even further. The power of music is unmistakeable and this is only enhanced by the honest, acoustic tracks handpicked here at The Music Jar.

Add some acoustic music to any project for that real feel and look forward to your audience connecting with your work in an honest and personal way. All of our acoustic tracks are expertly played and recorded and ready for instant download now...